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Forney Industries is proud to be a third-generation, family owned business. We worked hard to get here, and it’s an honor to be known as one of America’s longest running, family-owned welding and metalworking companies.


It all began in 1932, when a man named James Donovan Forney went into business for himself selling “The Forney Instant Heat Soldering Iron,” door to door across the heartland.

JD and Rachel Forney next to Forney’s Instant Heat Soldering Iron

Forney Industries’ innovative roots continued to grow, and in no time, they went on to invent and produce the first successful 110-volt/125 amp and 110-volt/150 amp welders.

In just 5 short years, Forney Industries had established a nationwide sales staff. The welders started to become more advanced, and gave farmers the capability to repair metals and harden tools. Forney sales staff even began to climb utility poles to connect welders for demonstrations.

The company accomplished several great feats with JD Forney at the helm, including a product line with exponential growth. Forney began offering products such as auto generators, battery chargers, more electric welders and welding supplies. A Forney central residential vacuum system and portable vacuum cleaner was even introduced, in addition to the “Fornaire,” an easy-to-fly 2-seat airplane designed for the consumer market. That’s right, you read that correctly… Forney Industries sold AIRPLANES at one point, some of which are still flown today!

After 54 years in the business he created, sadly JD Forney passed away. He passed on the business to his son and second generation. Jack D. Forney was made CEO and Chairman of the Board, and JD’s daughter’s husband, Ted G. Anderson, was named President.

Around twenty years later, in 2007 , Ted G. Anderson’s son, Steve Anderson, took over as third generation President and CEO, honoring his father and grandfather’s legacy.

In his younger days, Steve would do odd jobs around Forney Industries including mowing the lawns, cleaning the bathrooms, and refilling the pop machines. From there, he moved to manufacturing. Steve has since worked in sales, pricing, customer service, as product manager, then vice president for sales and marketing. All of his time and dedication to the family business has led Steve to become the CEO and President that he is today.



Steve Anderson has continued to lead Forney to success, driving innovation and reflecting the company’s roots of dependable and affordable products to serve hard-working Americans. His son, Dane Anderson, is also serving his family’s business as the 4th generation, and VP of Operations and Business Administration.

Steve and Dane Anderson

“Only about 30 percent of family businesses survive into the second generation, 12 percent are viable into the third generation, and only about 3 percent of all family businesses operate into the fourth generation or beyond.”

The Family Firm Institute

Forney Industries is humbled and proud to be a third generation, family-owned business. We will continue to operate this company to provide an exceptional welding and metalworking experience for our customers.

“I am proud that my family started this company almost a century ago. It’s the Forney promise that our products are of the highest quality and we offer our customers what they need to remain successful.”

Steve Anderson, President and CEO