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The propane flame torch can be used for multiple purposes. Below we’ve laid out a few of the most common applications:

1. Burn Away Pesky Weeds

Have a few acres of land and need to get rid of the weeds? Or maybe you have a garden at home and you’re tired of pulling and picking weeds. With a controlled burn, you can instantly get rid of them and keep your land or garden weed free. 

“Though flaming technology has been around since the 1940s, home gardeners have expressed renewed interest in these weed-fighting tools. Flamers require no chemicals, and don’t result in groundwater contamination or chemical residues on garden crops. But safety concerns of another type remain. Never use flame torches around any dry, brown, or otherwise flammable material. Also, their use during dry periods in forested or arid regions is prohibited, or ought to be. Always check with your local fire department or town clerk before investing in a flamer.” Dan Hickey, The National Gardening Association

Forney Fireman Burning Weeds
Forney Fireman Controlled Burn

2. Repair Broken Or Cracked Asphalt

If you have an annoying pothole on your asphalt driveway or a sink hole after fresh asphalt has settled, a propane flame torch will come in handy!

“This will help bond the patch aggregate with the existing asphalt and helps make the repair last longer. Just make sure you don’t scorch or over heat the surrounding asphalt which can damage the oils and cause more problems later.” AsphaltSealCoatingDirect

Forney Fireman Repairing Asphalt

3. Melt Ice

In the winter time, ice can be dangerous and if the sun isn’t shining, it’s not going away! Melt it away with a propane fire torch. 

“In the winter, once you’ve melted all your snow, make sure to sweep the water off the driveway. Otherwise it’ll just end up refreezing, forming your new skate rink, which will amuse your kids but won’t make the 6:00 am departure for work any easier.” Steve Carroll, Tool Monger

Forney Fireman Melting Ice

Forney offers a propane flame torch called the Forney Fireman. If you’re interested in the Forney Fireman, click the button below:

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