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Improved MIG Welding with the Spool PRO™ Hornet SG 250™

Forney Industries, a nationwide leader in the distribution of welding and metalworking products, presents their patented spool gun, the Spool PRO™ Hornet SG 250™. This innovative product allows users to comfortably weld for longer periods of time with a custom-engineered design. The functionality and advanced technology of the Hornet SG 250™ unequivocally improves the MIG welding experience for users everywhere.

Product Specifications:

  •  MIG (GMAW)
For Use On:
  • Aluminum
  • Stainless Steel
Maximum Output:
  • 300A (DC
    Output Only)
  • TWECO Compatible
  • 360° Swivel Torch Neck
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Integrated Spool Life Indicator
Rated Output and Duty Cycle: 
  • 220A @
Wire Diameters:
  • .030” (0.8mm)
    – .047”
Recommended Consumables:
  • 14H Series
    TWECO style

Spool PRO™ Hornet SG 250™ Features: 

The Spool PRO™ Hornet SG 250™ features an integrated spool life indicator that alerts you when your wire is running low, ultimately reducing the risk of welding interruptions. Forney engineers worked tirelessly to integrate a custom ergonomic design that reduces wrist fatigue by under slinging the spool of wire, creating an optimal combination of balance and usability. Additionally, this one-of-a-kind spool gun is TWECO™ compatible and incorporates a 360-degree gooseneck allowing users to adjust the angle of the torch neck for out-of-position welding. What’s more, the intentional placement of the wire feed speed control knob makes it easy for users to dial in the perfect setting right at their fingertips.

Forney Hornet Spool Gun in a welder's hands with yellow welding gloves on

“It was an innovation that began my grandfather’s company in 1932, and it’s only fitting that we continue to innovate and produce products that are revolutionary,” explains Steve Anderson, President and CEO of Forney Industries. “This spool gun is a really exciting product for our company because it shows our customers that we are still relevant and remain dedicated to engineering products they need and products they want. I am very proud of this spool gun, and I think that my grandfather would be very proud too.”

Forney Hornet Spool Gun deconstructed and assembled.

Forney Industries strongly believes in the value of supplying jobs in the U.S.A., while providing exceptional value to their customers. This is why the Hornet SG 250™ was entirely assembled in America. Each spool gun is meticulously assembled by Forney’s technicians, and carefully examined for quality assurance. Keeping its roots close and within the United States has been a priority since the company’s birth in 1932.

Forney Hornet Spool Gun hanging on the Forney 220 MP welder machine

Forney’s engineers take customer feedback very seriously. That’s why the intuitive design of the Hornet SG 250™ was created based on extensive customer research and an acute understanding of what the market is missing.

This product is designed with application-focused features that excel in welding aluminum and stainless steel. Jason Mahugh, Director of Engineering and Technical Services at Forney Industries stated, “We understand that welding aluminum has increased in popularity over the last decade, and we saw an opportunity to greatly improve the traditional spool gun and make it more user-friendly.  We targeted improving the ergonomics, the reliability and used a heavy-duty motor for more consistent wire feeding.” Jason and the rest of the engineers at Forney were passionate about creating a tool unlike anything on the market today. This dedication is reflected in the quality and uniqueness of this product.


Forney Hornet Spool Gun on Display

“I love how the gun is balanced and the design of the machine has legitimately been made for function,” said Steven Diedel, Shop Foreman and Lead Welder for JMW fabrication. “Every nook and cranny have a purpose and that is super cool.”

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