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Forney’s Technical Service Team is unlike any other in the industry. These are the Expert-Techs of Forney Industries, and they symbolize the ultimate feeling of comfort and knowledge for our customers.  

Experience the Expert-Tech difference.

  • We will fix or replace defective product at no charge to you – we make it simple
  • No complicated phone trees or run around
  • Improved troubleshooting with knowledgeable product and application experts
  • Majority of issues can be fixed over the phone

“I have wanted to communicate our after-sales support approach for some time and it’s nice to see it all come together so well. My goal is to give customers the confidence to pick up the phone and call so we can help them through their frustration. We always back up our machines with Expert-Tech services so if you need help or advice using one of our machines, please give us a call.” 

Jason Mahugh, Director of Engineering & Technical Service.

If you have any questions or concern about a Forney product, call 1-800-521-6038 x 2 to speak directly with a Forney Expert-Tech.

Your satisfaction means everything to us. 

For more information on Forney’s warranty and service philosophy, click here.