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Forney’s New Era of

Plasma Cutting: 

Step into a new era of metalworking. Forney Industries is proud to present their latest plasma cutter, the Forney 45 P PRO Plasma Cutter

Josh Legoza, Senior Product Engineer at Forney Industries explains, “The 45 P PRO Plasma Cutter is our most powerful plasma cutter yet, equipped with our Forney Ignite® Torch, together they bring the same incredible cutting performance, consumable life, and arc reliability found in the 45 AMP market leaders.”

Product Specifications: 

Process:  For Use On:
  • Mild Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Copper
Output Power:
  • 120V: 60% @ 20A
  • 240V: 60% @ 38A
  • Dual-Voltage
  • Quick Torch Connection
  • Temperature Controlled Fan
  • 3-Year Warranty 
Input Power:
  • 120V @ 18A
  • 240V @ 22A
 Included Accessories: 
Cut Capacity: 
  • 1/2” Aluminum
  • 7/8” Mild and Stainless Steel
 Recommended Accessories and Consumables:

The cutting-edge Forney Ignite® Torch utilizes drag torch technology to guarantee reliable arc starts and extended cutting time. This advanced machine is skillfully engineered to accommodate hand cutting at any proficiency level, empowering users to consistently achieve precise and accurate cuts.

The efficiency of the Forney 45 P PRO Plasma Cutter is truly remarkable. With its long-life consumables, users can maximize their cutting time while minimizing the need for frequent consumable replacements. This efficiency is further enhanced by the machine’s ability to deliver precision cutting and gouging across a wide range of application requirements.

Forney 45 P PRO Plasma Cutting Metal

Users can achieve excellent cut quality with the Forney 45 P PRO Plasma Cutter, significantly reducing the time spent on grinding tasks. The Forney 45 P PRO Plasma Cutter also has excellent cut quality, enabling users to significantly reduce grinding time. Moreover, this machine features a large operating envelope of 40-feet (expandable up to 50-feet with the Forney Ignite® Torch), ensuring minimal downtime and uninterrupted cutting performance.

The innovation of the Forney 45 P PRO Plasma Cutter continues with the expanded metal mode feature that automatically adds a pilot arc when needed to keep cutting. Users also have the flexibility to disable this mode, enabling them to experience a continuous full-power cutting arc.

Forney 45 P PRO Plasma Cutting Metal

As seen by the many innovations and efficiencies of the Forney 45 P PRO Plasma Cutter, Forney Industries values customer satisfaction as their top priority. To ensure this, Forney offers Expert-Tech™ Services staffed by their knowledgeable welding technicians to assist users with welding-related matters.

For more information about the Forney 45 P PRO, and the rest of the Developed. Tested. Trusted. line call 1-800-521-6038 or email