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Let us help you find the perfect gift, and check out Forney’s official 2020 gift guide!



ITEM#’s 71923, 71924, 71925

Double-Sided Flap Discs

Forney’s Double-Sided Flap Discs are the perfect gift for any maker. Double the sides, means double the value! These discs allow you to complete two process applications, such as grinding and finishing, using the same product. Choose from 40/80 Grits, 60/120 Grits, 40/40 Grits, or purchase all three!


ITEM#’s 53414, 53413, 53412

Pictured: ITEM# 55937 Forney PRO Series ADF Welding Helmet in the “AMPD” Design and Multi-Purpose Welding Gloves

Whether that person on your list is a MIG welder, TIG welder, or Stick welder, these welding gloves are just what they need! These gloves offer excellent protection up to 250 AMPs during welding operation, and are made of premium grade goatskin leather palm and back. The combination of durability and dexterity will give excellent protection while being incredibly lightweight. Offered in x-large, large, and medium.


ITEM# 52735

Trickle Charger

This handy tool will be a gift for you, and that special someone. Rest easy at night knowing your loved one is protected with the backup power of Forney’s trickle charger. This portable and easy to use battery/trickle charger can charge both a 6-volt and/or a 12-volt battery at 2 amps and 4 amps charging capability. Ideal for keeping batteries charged while in storage. Safety features include; short circuit protection, overheat protection, spark-proof protection and an auto on-off circuit. Looking for a different battery charger? Check out the rest of the products in this line here.


Multiple ITEM#’s

Pictured: ITEM# 55731 The Forney PRO Series Welding Helmet in the Black Matte Design and Signature Welding Gloves

Do you know a welder that specializes in Stick welding? Get them something they can actually use, and stuff that stocking full of premium Forney electrodes! Available in a multitude of sizes and amperages, Forney carries electrodes for a wide variety of projects!



ITEM# 410

Pictured: ITEM# 55859 The Forney Series ADF Welding Helmet in the “Scorch” design and Signature Welding Gloves

The Forney 220 MP Welder will make any metalworker happy on Christmas morning. Capable of MIG, Stick, TIG and Flux-Core welding, and a high welding capacity of 1/2” and 220 AMPs of welding power, this unit is ideal for use on steel, stainless steel, cast iron and aluminum (with spool gun). This machine is rugged and technologically advanced with a digital display, all-metal drive system and 3-year warranty.

Forney Easy Weld 20 P

ITEM# 251

Pictured: Multi-Purpose Welding Gloves

The Forney Easy Weld 20 P is the answer to cutting for any novice to professional metalworker. This lightweight plasma cutter is generator friendly and runs off a standard 120V outlet, making cutting on the go easy and efficient. Ideal for sheet metal to thin plate cutting, auto body, farm & ranch, HVAC, plumbing, contractor, metal art, and do-it-yourself projects. Looking for a plasma cutter with a little more power? Check out the Forney 40 P Plasma Cutter here.

Welding Made EasyTM

Forney PRO Series Welding Helmet

ITEM#’s 55935, 55936, 55937, 55938

Forney PRO Series Welding Helmet

Pictured: ITEM# 55938 ADF Welding Helmet in the “Warhawk” design, and ITEM# 420 Forney 220 AC/DC TIG Welder

The Forney PRO auto-darkening welding helmets include four optical sensors, supplying extra protection against arc flash. The viewing area is 10.44 sq. inches and features Arc Optics technology, providing a crisp and clear view of your welds. The headgear has dual straps, and a heavily padded sweatband, making them perfect for professionals who weld for long periods of time. If your loved one is a professional welder, get them the protection they deserve and choose a helmet from this line. Looking for protection for beginner to intermediate welders? Check out the rest of Forney’s ADF welding helmets here.

For more information about this line, check out this blog.


ITEM# 1723

The Fireman Weed Burner is an essential tool for any garage. It’s easy to ignite using the flint lighter included with the kit, making it simple to use and user friendly. It also features a brass control knob that will not lock or freeze during use, an all-steel torch handle and torch head construction. This tool has hundreds of practical uses including burning weeds, melting ice, asphalt repair and more!


ITEM# 52755

Wheeled Battery Charger

Give the gift of power this Christmas! This portable and easy to use wheeled battery charger features LED indicators and button controls for easy reading and accuracy. It can charge both a 6-volt and/or a 12-volt battery. At 6-volts, this wheel charger can charge at 2 amps (trickle) and 10 amps (standard). At 12-volts, it can charge at 2 amps (trickle), 10 amps (standard), 40 amps (quick charge) and 200 amps (Engine Start). The emergency start setting is powerful enough to bring cars, large SUVs and small trucks back to life! Be prepared and stay powered and check out the rest of the battery chargers in this line here.


ITEM# 319

The Forney 270 MIG welder is a versatile machine for light industrial, repair shops, farms, automotive, and general fabrication. This machine is MIG ready with regulator and gas hose. The Forney 270 MIG offers quality features like spool gun capability, quick “Euro” style disconnect torch, MIG gun with 15′ lead, aluminum feed/drive system, multiple trigger modes, high output and duty cycle with a full size cabinet. The quality, performance, and value of this machine will impress any metalworker on your list!

All of us at Forney Industries would like to wish you and your loved ones a very happy holiday!