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Safe, solid, secure. Cable ties are the new duct tape and can be used for a variety of applications. We’ve got some ideas for you! 

Fix Plumbing

In a bind and can’t make it to a hardware store? Try these temporary fixes in your kitchen or bathroom!

  • Make an impromptu toilet handle with this tutorial from Apartment Therapy 
  • Hold together a broken pipe until you can get the proper replacement parts
  • Clean hair out of a drain by cutting slits into a long cable tie
Cleaning a Drain With Forney Cable Ties

Child-Proof Your House

Whether you have a new baby, a nosy toddler, or you’re a last-minute babysitter, at some point you’re going to need to hide household cleaners, tools, and all your breakable things from tiny hands and mouths. Use cable ties to get the job done!

  • Hang fragile or potentially hazardous items out of reach, like scissors, plants, jewelry, and anything else little hands like to grab
  • Secure cords together and out of reach
  • Hold cabinet doors together to hide household cleaners and other hazardous items
Secure Cabinet Doors With Forney cable ties

Organize Everything

If you can never seem to find anything at your house, these cable tie storage hacks might be for you. 

  • Organize your storage or supply closet
  • Clean up garage clutter and take advantage of wall and ceiling space
  • Use a pegboard, hooks, and cable ties to organize items on your tool bench
  • Sick of untangling Christmas lights every year? Use cable ties to bind them together until next year!
  • Get rid of cord clutter for entertainment systems and computers
Organize Computer Cords With Forney Cable Ties

In The Garden

Who knew cable ties could be so useful? Keep a pack handy next to your gardening gloves – Forney cable ties are even protected against UV light so you don’t have to worry about them fading in the sun.

  • Use small cable ties to arrange flowers
  • Hang plants, herb gardens or terrariums
  • Trellising vines
  • Support wilting or heavy plants
Support A Wilting Plant With Forney Cable Ties

Farm & Ranch

Need to organize the barn or tack room? Looking for a quick fence repair or a temporary fix? Cable ties are your answer!

  • Hang tools and brushes to keep them off the ground
  • Keep coils of light fencing together
  • Temporarily repair a broken fence
  • Hold blankets, tack or storage containers together until you can do a permanent repair
  • Hang signs
  • Attach tags to gear or tack
  • Hang buckets, feeding bins and other items off the ground
  • Use cable ties and PVC pipe to make a chicken run
Chicken Run with PVC Pipe and Cable Ties
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And Everything In Between

  • Secure outdoor lights in trees
  • Hang decor inside and out
  • Compress your clothes for easy packing
  • Tie-Dying
  • Repair your camping or hiking gear
  • Impromptu key ring
  • Fix a broken zipper
  • Quick ponytail holder

No matter your cable tie needs, Forney has a size, color and solution for you. Keep a pack in your garage, shop, car and kitchen for every day quick fixes.

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