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Forney Industries is your one-stop-shop for dad this Father’s Day.

Here’s an exclusive look at what Forney employees think every dad should have in their garage! 

I think every dad should have the Forney Easy Weld dynamic-duo in their garage – the Forney Easy Weld 140 MP and Forney Easy Weld 20 P. These machines run off standard household power, weld/cut up to ¼” steel and are portable. This combination is perfect for the dad that’s always fixing things around the house or just wants a new hobby.

Katelyn T.

Digital Marketing Specialist

I’m the mom and the dad in my household, and I love the Double-Sided Flap Discs. They just always come in handy!

Jody R.

Marketing Support Specialist

Forney’s Pencil Flame Torch is a great Father’s Day Gift. It’s versatile, lightweight, and reliable. Every handyman, tailgater, camper, farmer or rancher needs one.

Kari D.

Human Resources Generalist II

The best gift for dads is easily the Forney 40 P. It’s perfect for good ole fashion metal cutting, especially for professional metalworkers.

Steve B.

Supply Chain Director

I believe every dad should have a Forney Easy Weld 140 MP in their garage. It is a versatile multi-process welding machine. Ideal for all the DIY metal repairs, metal hobby, and metal art projects dad can do at home. Mom will be happy with the great value for the price too !!! She might even get a homemade metal rose just because.

Charles S.

N.E. Territory Manager

Forney’s driver gloves are perfect all year round. We use them all the time for a variety of uses, and we’re sure other dads will too!

Matt and Alan

Maintenance Team

Every dad should be safety minded; for this reason, all dads need the Forney Chief Safety Glasses. Fathers ought to pass on the value of personal protection to their children; this product supports dad’s responsibility to impart their children with the critical value of safety.

Kara W.

Business Solutions Strategist

Happy Father’s Day from all of us at Forney Industries!