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We’re celebrating our 90th year of business in 2022! Follow along with our 4-part series as we dive into what makes us innovative, genuine, exceptional and engaged!

For the last several months, Forney has been celebrating the exceptional nature of our employees. To recognize this culture value, employees were encouraged to submitted stories about their fellow coworkers that exemplify the “exceptional” culture value in action.

Forney is a partner. We are knowledgeable, dependable and provide a superior level of service and solutions.

Jim is a key in house knowledge holder of our system, how it works, what to do and not to do. Jim is willing to help everyone, even when he is buried in work and that is most all the time. I always appreciate how Jim wants to share, show and enable you when necessary to better equip those around him. Thanks Jim!

Chris S. to Jim K.

Clayton goes above and beyond in all of his endeavors, from aiding his team to bringing delicious homemade Chips and Salsa for his coworkers.  We are lucky to have someone as awesome as him on our team.

Steve R. to Clayton E.

Both Matt and Alan have really been working hard to improve our everyday experience at Forney Industries. Every time I see them, they’re doing some new huge impressive project. From assembling warehousing racks to building several new contractor-quality offices at HQ. Nothing can stop these guys. I’m glad I get to work with them.

Zach M. to Matt and Alan

When issues arise and I can’t quite grasp how to fix an issue with an order, I always can rely on Cortney to be my eye and find or help resolve where most don’t think to look. She is always helpful and friendly even if it’s not her position.  Thank you for always being exceptional and genuine.

Crystal L. to Cortney S.

Laura always addresses issues with her team quickly and effectively, she is a leader that is very approachable and she will always take care of you and the company’s needs. Thanks Laura, we are so lucky to have someone as amazing as you on our team.

Steve R. to Laura Fr.

Every interaction with Josh, is a learning opportunity, although complicated tasks turn into things an average employee like myself can accomplish. Through Josh’s willingness to teach, show, and work alongside us to get the job accomplished. Thanks for being willing to not just do it for us, but to educate and allow us to get in and get the job done correctly!

Chris S. to Josh L.

I want to thank these women so much! They were able to fix a mistake I made, and were able to keep the flow of operation moving. Thank you so much for your afterhours work!

Austyn B. to Danielle T. and Kara W.

Big props to Deana for ALWAYS jumping in wherever she is needed. So many times I have asked Deana to drop everything to handle something NOW. Seamless, and pleasantly, she switches gears, reprioritizes her tasks and get things handled with a quickness. All customers (internal and external alike) are confident when they reach out to Deana that their requests will be addressed thoroughly and swiftly. I appreciate ALL that you do for the AR team Deana, thanks for being a stellar employee.

Sara A. to Deana C.

Quinn was a rockstar this week! Being short-staffed, he helped out the team by pulling orders and cutting POP that orders needed. Roughly cutting over 3,000 wobblers! He helped me pack and ship orders out so that everything was good to go for the reps. Thank you so much for your hard work this week Quinn, it is greatly appreciated!

Mikaela R. to Quinn S.

Aerion is a really dependable and a perfect coworker. If there are no virtual orders at the pack stations, she will ask if there is any freights or LTL’s that need to be packed. She also goes out and helps pick if needed. She is constantly staying busy to get orders completed.

Ashlynn W. to Aerion R.

Chawna has always been very kind & hard working. She engages well with all other employees & never complains. She’s one of the kindest & hardest workers I’ve met at Forney. At times when things we’re hectic and going through changes around the warehouses, I needed help and had to rely on Chawna for different needs even though she was overwhelmed herself with other duties she never once complained or gave me any attitude when I asked her for guidance/help. She was able to properly co-manage difficult situations in a fast manner. She truly is a kind hard worker. She goes above and beyond for Forney and her other coworkers. 

Jessica T. to Chawna M.

Jessica has made great strides improving her efficiency this past month and has been achieving excellent pack scores, on top of always keeping a positive attitude and being kind and reassuring to her coworkers. She helps make Forney an enjoyable place to be.

Ethan O. to Jessica T.

Ethan displays strong support team lead by being engaged with the other workers, always communicating clearly what needs to be done and how to properly manage difficult situations.

Jessica T. to Ethan O.

I came to Sara with a complex request and she was able to gather all the required documentation and explain the findings quickly and succinctly (as always!). Sara consistently goes above and beyond in her duties and can always be counted on. Thanks Sara!

Danielle H. to Sara A.

Thank you to all of our wonderful employees for embodying what it means to be exceptional.

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