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See our feature in the June/July edition of NASCAR’s Pole Position magazine:

Still not sure what to build for your summer garage project? Forney Industries has all your metalworking products and welding equipment covered. Why not build a go-kart? That’s what Forney Industries and Joe Mooney of Homesteadonomics did when they partnered to build an off-road go-kart.

Mooney lives in the mountainous desert of Arizona and wanted a two-seater go-kart with suspension to easily navigate around the terrain. With some purchased plans, a Forney 190 multi-process welding machine, some steel, cutting and grinding wheels, and the proper personal protective gear, Mooney had just what he needed to start welding the chassis together. He customized his plans to fit his needs, which included baskets for storage and an adjustable steering wheel so his daughter could get in on the fun of steering from the passenger seat.

Cutting and labeling the metal pieces was the most tedious part, but welding them together is when the fun kicked in. Temporarily held with heavy-duty magnets and c-clamps, Mooney tack welded the entire chassis together. Once it all was square, he finished with complete welds. With a fresh coat of Forney green and gray paint, the go-kart chassis was complete. Mooney followed his purchased plans to add the electrical system, mount the tires, and place the engine. Now the go-kart was ready to ride.

Whether it be around your homestead, racing your buddies at the track, or just some bonding time with your kiddo, a go-kart has many uses. You can make it as simple or complex as you want, but just remember to have fun! See the full build and step by step process on the Forney Industries YouTube channel.

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June-July 2018 Article