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Forney Industries has been welding in America since the beginning. They have held a leadership position in the welding industry for over 80 years with their comprehensive line of welding and plasma cutting machines built for novice to professional welders.

The Forney Easy Weld line of machines were created for the beginner or do-it-yourself welder. These machines are simple to use and can run off standard 120-volt garage power. There are currently five machines in this line, including a multi-process for MIG, TIG and Stick welding, and a plasma cutter that easily attaches to a small air compressor to cleanly cut ¼” metal. If you prefer to weld without gas, try stick welding with the less than 10-pound Stick/TIG machine, or use flux-core wire with the flux-core inverter machine. Easily turn inspiration and ideas into masterpieces, and see how this novice welder line can take the fear and intimidation out of welding.

For the advanced or professional welder who needs 140-270 amps to weld a variety of thicker, larger material, try the Forney line of machines. Various machines have a cast aluminum wire drive system, dual geared idler and drive roll with de-spooler as well as expanded cabinet size. Forney machines have nice, clean, smooth arc characteristics which produce better quality welds. This rugged line of welding and plasma cutting machines offers an upgrade in performance at an affordable price.

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