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If you’ve been a fan of Forney Industries any time between 2016 and now, you probably know Gabby. 

In short, Gabby Nieto is one of Forney’s Rockstars.

Gabby in action

She started with Forney Industries mid September, 2016 and has been a valuable asset to our team ever since. If you haven’t heard of Gabby before, you’ve probably seen her… she can often be recognized by her signature braid.

Gabby began her metalworking career in the fall of 2014 when she discovered the welding program at Front Range Community College. It didn’t take long for her love of the trade to flourish. 

“My favorite part about welding is being able to work with my hands, and to think of an idea and have it come to life in metal,” Gabby explained. 

Gabby works for Forney Industries as Senior Engineering Service Technician. Her days often consist of answering technical phone calls to educate customers about their welders. When she’s not speaking directly with a Forney customer, Gabby gets to work directly on the machines. She repairs and refurbishes welders, aiding in her knowledge of Forney’s product. Gabby also participates in market research. This research, alongside her receptiveness to customer suggestions, helps her brainstorm efficient ideas for future machines. 

“My favorite part about working at Forney is the support the whole company has for one another (the culture). Another one of my favorite things about working for Forney is having our CEO around whenever we need him.”

Gabby Stick Welding

Gabby’s knowledge about welding is so extensive that she teaches welding classes to employees from all departments of the company. 

She offers three levels of classes in the hopes that her fellow Forney employees can share her passion, while learning about the equipment they sell.

However, Forney Industries isn’t the only place Gabby shares her welding knowledge. She has returned to Front Range Community College, the place it all started.

“At my other job I am an instructor. I help educate people on different welding procedures as well as techniques. [I love] being able to help other people achieve their goals while passing on my knowledge and expertise. I have always really enjoyed helping other people better their skills.” 

Even when Gabby isn’t working, she continues to practice the trade she loves. She participates in metalworking jobs and various repairs– but she has a true passion for metal art. In fact, Gabby has quite the artistic side. 

Gabby TIG welding

She reveals, “I enjoy the whole process. It’s always fun to challenge your mind and see what you can come up with. I don’t think I could choose a favorite project, but the best feeling ever is to draw something out and watch it come to life in steel! Every aspect that goes into creating a piece of artwork is so much fun and so educating… seeing the end result is what makes me the most satisfied.” 

While Gabby truly loves what she does, it hasn’t come without struggle. 

“When first getting into the field of welding, I had multiple companies deny me work because I was a young female and they were worried about bringing me into the work environment. This crushed me and almost made me stop pursuing the welding field because I felt as though I would never find somewhere to work. Also some people are hesitant to listen to what I have to offer because I am a female,” she explains. 

It isn’t a secret that Gabby knows her stuff, and we are very lucky to have her on our team. What’s more, the world is lucky to have Gabby as proof that a once male-dominated trade isn’t just for men. 

Gabby Nieto
Gabby Nieto, Senior Engineering Service Technician, Forney Industries

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