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April 13, 2018 – Fort Collins, CO – Forney Industries introduces four new machines to expand their current Forney Easy Weld line. These welding and plasma cutting machines are ideal for the do-it-yourselfer (DIY), auto enthusiast, metalworking artist and hobbyist. The expanded line allows just about anyone the ability to use welding equipment in their garage with a standard 120-volt power source.           

“The engineers at Forney have been working on this line for years, adjusting the design and the quality to ensure that we are not only offering a line that produces the excellence that our customers expect from us, but is easy to use for those who have never welded,” said Jason Mahugh, Director of Engineering and Technical Service at Forney Industries. “We want to take the fear out of welding and show that it’s not intimidating or expensive. Historically, it has been only for those who are highly skilled and working in an industrial setting. But, for those who simply want to create art, fix something at home or do simple repairs on a car or lawnmower, they now have the ability to strike up a Forney Easy Weld machine and make it happen.”

Jason Mahugh

Director of Engineering and Technical Service , Forney Industries

The Forney Easy Weld 140 FC-i, 140 MP, 100 ST welding machines and 20 P plasma cutter are all currently available for purchase online and at select retail outlets nationwide. They each operate on a 120-volt, standard outlet and retail under $400. “Our dealers have been asking for this line for years,” said Steve Anderson, President and CEO of Forney Industries. “Current DIY machines are difficult to use and require significant skill. Customers have been requesting to learn more about welding and wondering if it’s something that can be easy to learn and done at home. We are confident that we have come up with that answer.”

            Safety is always paramount for Forney and this line is no different. “We don’t want our customers to think that they can strike an arc and start welding immediately without taking precaution,” added Mahugh. “We encourage those who purchase one of our Forney Easy Weld machines to also take into consideration that welding gloves, certified welding helmets and fire-resistant clothing are essential when welding anywhere.”

To get the novice welder started, Forney Industries offers online instruction that takes about an hour to review. This information can help a new welder gain confidence to begin welding. In addition, on, metalworking accessories, gloves and helmets can be purchased along with the machines. There are also many trade schools and community colleges nationwide that offer welding instruction if more guidance is needed.

Forney Industries is one of America’s oldest family-owned, welding and metalworking product companies. Founded in 1932, the company began with the invention of the instant heat soldering iron and introduced the first publicly available arc welder in the mid-1930s. Today, the company offers around 9,000 products serving the automotive, hardware, farm & ranch, industrial and do-it-yourself markets. Headquartered in Fort Collins, CO, Forney Industries delivers products to all 50 states through its extensive customer service network. Forney Industries is committed to providing the best product mix and most personal support services available today. For more product information, visit


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