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Steel Cutting & Grinding

These products are designed to support welding and metalworking in the do-it-yourself (DIY) and industrial markets. They are used by every-day DIYers and the farm and ranch industry as well as automotive and industrial end users. This category of products also includes sanding discs and mounted flap wheels. 

Masonry Cutting & Diamond Blades

In addition to traditional masonry cutting and grinding wheels, Forney also offers a line of diamond blades used to cut tile and granite. There are many different grades of diamond blades on the market today, from cheap one-time use, to the high dollar blades used by contractors that can make thousands of cuts on materials. 

Grinding & Shaping

Micro Abrasives can replace many of the small cutting and grinding as well as polishing items offered by several other companies, mainly Dremel®. There are several other maintenance and repair items offered, such as Carbide Burrs, Rotary Rasps and Files, Buffing Compounds and Polishing Wheels, to name a few. These products sell well in the Hardware, Farm & Ranch and Automotive markets. Browse Products