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These improved bench and wheel chargers are made for durability. An upgraded line of battery chargers are here, and they’re sure to recharge your workbench. Two battery chargers make up this line; a bench charger designed to bring cars, SUVs and small trucks back to life and a wheel charger powerful enough to charge even the largest SUV. Both chargers are durable and user friendly, debuting a higher grade of durable shell casings, handles, clamps and cable constructions.

The button control panels are easy to read and operate and feature an LED display and indicators with button controls. The internal operating systems encompass Intelligent Charging Capabilities with a robust diagnostic system. These upgraded machines are the latest addition to Forney’s shop tool category.

Todd Romero, the Senior Product Manager at Forney Industries believes that the best feature of these machines is their intelligence. “It’s a much more intelligent machine, it takes the guess work away from the user—especially from a DIY perspective.”

Here is a sneak peek at some of the great features the battery chargers encompass.

200A Engine Start Wheeled Battery Charger ITEM# 52755

Wheel Charger
  • Can charge both a 6-volt and/or a 12-volt battery with four types of charging capabilities; 
    • 2 Amp trickle
    • 10 Amp continuous 
    • 40 Amp fast charge
    • 200 Amp engine start (12- volt only)
  • Using the 200 Amps emergency start setting is powerful enough to bring cars, large SUVs and small trucks back to life
  • An updated panel control, now with easy to read button controls 
  • Thicker insulated cables with spark protection
  • Heavy-duty parrot style clamps 
  • An indicator on control panel that identifies if the battery has developed sulfation
  • Actively measures a battery’s voltage and amperage output and will adjust charging modes accordingly
    • Automatic detection to recondition or desulfate your battery when it is deeply discharged
    • “Maintenance” mode to safely maintain a 100% state of charge
    • Cooling timer that automatically shuts off and restarts the battery charger if it overheats
    • Reverse polarity, spark proof, and overcharge detection 
  • A thermal overload sensor and cooling fan providing longer life and more reliability 
  • Telescoping handles with ergonomic padding 
  • Rubber wheels to withstand rugged environments
  • Wrap cleats for easy cable storage and fall/trip protection 

100A Engine Start Bench Battery Charger ITEM# 52750

  • Can charge both a 6-volt and/or a 12-volt battery at 2 Amps (trickle), 10 Amps (standard) and 20 Amps (quick charge).
  • At 12-volts, this bench charger has a 100 Amp engine start charging capability (powerful enough to bring cars, SUVs and small trucks back to life).
  • An updated panel control, now with LED button controls.
  • An updated active charging indicator that now cycles between volts, amps and battery percent.
  • An alternator test feature that detects issues with your alternator
  • Heavy-duty style clamps
  • Thicker insulated cables

Forney has no interest in being an average company. They go above and beyond to improve and redesign their products, and in doing so have earned their customers trust and loyalty. Both battery chargers reflect this philosophy and are sure get the job done right. Romero adds, “I think the best feature for both machines are the improved user interface with the LED control panels. These are more reliable, robust, and intelligent machines. The user friendly features take the guess work out and ensures a faster, safer and smarter way of charging your battery.”

Both the wheel and bench battery chargers are available for purchase online, and at select retailers nationwide.

If your life needs a jump start, be sure to check out these powerful little machines!

Check out these videos for more detailed information about these battery chargers!

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This post was originally published September 28, 2018.