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Double sided flap discs are here, and they’re one of the most convenient accessories for your workshop! They save time and money while efficiently allowing you to get the job done right. From start to finish, you’ll easily be able to get the look you want to achieve. 

There are 3 different double sided flap discs to choose from. The most commonly used flap disc is a 40 grit. We’ve created a 40/40 grit double sided flap disc for a coarse finish (ITEM# 71925). For a coarse to fine finish, opt for the 40/80 grit (ITEM# 71923). If you’re looking for a medium to fine finish, we offer a 60/120 grit double sided flap disc (ITEM# 71924).

Forney Double Sided Flap Discs Group

The double sided flap discs are secured to a plastic spin-on 5/8″-11 center which allows you to keep the job moving with ease. Spin to tighten and lock the flap disc in place. To switch to the other side, simply unscrew the flap disc and switch it over to attain the desired finish. These flap discs are for use on 4-1/2″ angle grinders.

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Edit 1.13.19: 

Due to the unique design and construction of these discs they must be used in a slightly different way from a standard flap disc. Please follow these instructions to avoid any misuse and/or damage to the disc.

  • Make sure the upper side and edge of the Twin-Flap disc does not come in contact with the working surface, especially when operating in narrow and difficult to reach areas.
  • Do not exceed 30° inclination when grinding/deburring.
  • Do not apply excessive pressure to the flap disc in use. The flaps are made to provide highly efficient abrasive bite with minimal pressure.
  • Replace the flap disc in use with the upper one as soon as you notice the condition of the flaps is no longer efficient and the center support layer is at risk of coming in contact with the working surface.
Safety Diagram