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Same great product, new look! Forney Industries has recently changed its packaging on our boxes of filler metal. We’ve always sold our filler metals in multi-colored boxes, but have recently changed the color to become more cohesive with our metalworking and equipment branding and packaging colors.

The colors of our previous boxes indicated the type of rod inside. Now, all rod will be in a green package but will be labeled with the same color as it previously was for easy identification. For example, 6011 was always inside a yellow box but now the 6011 will be packaged in a green box with a yellow label calling out 6011.

New Vs Old Electrode Packaging

Each package is easily identifiable with color coded labels. Each color represents a different type of rod:

E7018 AC Low Hydrogen
E7018 Low Hydrogen
E6010 Pipe Rod
E6011 Deep Penetration
E6013 General Purpose, Mild Steel
E7014 High Deposition
E4043 DC Aluminum

We also eliminated cardboard packaging on our 25 pound and 50 pound boxes of electrodes. Instead, we now offer 40 pound boxes with four individually packaged 10 pound boxes inside. The inner plastic packages of rod will help preserve the integrity of the electrode for continued optimal performance.

Forney Electrode Packaging

Along with the updated packaging colors, we changed the marking on the electrodes to be more consistent. This helps to easily identify the rod. Forney has always tried to provide the best quality filler metals on the market and we hope these improvements will be appreciated by all our customers.  With our electrodes, you may notice improvements in operating characteristics such as improved slag release, decreased spatter, wider amperage sweet spot and excellent out-of-position welding. Try them out for yourself and see the difference!

Learn more about choosing the right electrode for your needs, here.

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