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April 28th, 2019 marked a day of giving known as “Global Pay It Forward Day,” and the employees of Forney Industries didn’t waste any time before joining the cause.

Global Pay It Forward Day has one goal; to make the world a better place. That faithful day in April, people all around the globe participated in random acts of kindness in an effort to create a ripple effect of good deeds.

Many of Forney Industries’ employees were excited to be a part of this movement, and ventured out to spread some kindness. Forney requested that participating employees share their “pay it forward” stories, so fellow coworkers can read them and be inspired to do their own random act of kindness.

Check out the stories below provided by Forney employees! 

“My order had taken so long to fill at Starbucks because it was drinks and food for 6 people, I felt so bad for the 3 people waiting behind me to order, I purchased their orders for them.  Their patience and conversation with them while they were waiting was very enjoyable.  It great getting to talk to people and just do something nice.  You never know when something so simple can put a smile on someone’s face.  Their generosity of sharing their time with me and not being upset about how long it was taking was an act of kindness on their part.” – Julie Tate-Herrington, Operations Admin Assistant 

“Saw a lady electronic sign for a product and then hit the delete button. She then had to rerun her credit card. She was confused and weary about running her card again. I showed her what she did and how to do this correctly. She felt better and happy for the help.” –Laura Frisinger, Director of Human Resources 

“Lady with beautiful gray hair and a lavender blouse walked into the Starbucks I was at. She looked so lovely, I just had to tell her how beautiful she was.”  -Laura Frisinger, Director of Human Resources

“I gave some of my surrounding neighbors flowers and cookies to brighten their days.” -Shannon Park, Administrative Assistant

“Used my hotel points to give a homeless family shelter for the weekend.” -Melissa Jamerson, Key Account Executive

“Bought pretty planters and separated my overgrown house plants and gave them to neighbors.” -Melissa Jamerson, Key Account Executive 

“Moved a homeless 18-year-old in to help him get on his feet. His dad recently died, and his mom is unemployed with 5 other kids.”  -Melissa Jamerson, Key Account Executive

“Zach and I picked 2 trash bags full of garbage during our ‘HASHBROWN FORNEYFIT2O’CLOCKWALKAROUNDTHEBLOCK.’” -Josh Legoza, Senior Product and Technical Service Engineer and Zach Martin, Product and Technical Service Engineer

“I attended a middle school play in the last week and while departing the school I noticed a student standing alone waiting in the parking lot. The building had been vacated so I was worried about her safety. I asked her if she had a ride and she said her Mother was supposed to pick her up but hadn’t arrived yet and she tried calling her Mom, but her phone died. So, I gave her my phone to call her Mother in which she learned her Grandfather had just left Loveland to come pick her up in Fort Collins. I stayed with her until her ride arrived and we chatted the entire time, made me feel so much better that she was safe. I didn’t want to envision my kiddos in that same situation so I wanted to ensure I could provide her safety.” -Kelley Vodden, Accounting and Payroll Manager

“I went to one of my normal lunch spots and ordered lunch. I decided to tip a little more than normal and the waiter was very nice and quick. As I handed him the money and told him to keep the change, his face lit up and he asked me, “really? Are you sure?” I told him I was and to have a nice day. Although it was a small gesture, I could see that it made his day, which made made my day.” 
-Johnna Malone, Accounts Payable Associate

“I mailed a ‘thinking of you’ card to a friend’s grandmother who’s lonely.” -Kari Dowling, Human Resources Generalist

Global Pay It Forward Day has passed, but that doesn’t mean we have to stop spreading the love! Forney Industries will continue to perform random acts of kindness all year long, and we encourage you to do the same.

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