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We at Forney Industries pride ourselves on being a company that does more than just business. 

Forney believes that community involvement is paramount. Without communities, our business that was once one run by a single employee would have never evolved into the company we are today. Read on to see how Forney has impacted our community in recent months.

Tornadoes in Ohio

Many of you might know that Forney Industries has a warehouse in Tipp City, Ohio. On Memorial Day 2019, Ohio suffered some major damage in Tipp City and the surrounding areas. Over 11 confirmed tornadoes touched down and wreaked havoc on the community; one of which was a mile wide and ran for 19 miles, categorized as an EF4. Thousands of homes and businesses were destroyed. Ohio declared a state of emergency in several cities and over 170,000 people lost power and/or water. Some areas had to live this way for almost two weeks.

Below is the tracker of the tornadoes’ paths

Tornado in Ohio

The following day citizens witnessed the desolate and immense devastation. Many people were lost, without a clue of what to do.

But soon, the sounds of heavy equipment, chainsaws and voices of volunteers filled the air. People in the Tipp City/Dayton communities came together to aid one another.

Forney knew something had to be done to give back to our local community, but what?

Forney donated work gloves and dust masks to the volunteers working in the streets helping their friends and families pick up the rubble that were once their homes and businesses.

Our service didn’t stop there—Forney employees from the Ohio region got together and joined in clean-up efforts.

Below are photos of the aftermath provided by the Forney warehouse team in Ohio.

Ohio Tornadoes Aftermath
Ohio Tornadoes Aftermath
Ohio Tornadoes Aftermath
Ohio Tornadoes Aftermath

Adopt A Street

For the past several years, Forney Industries has made a commitment to The City of Fort Collins to clean up a stretch of road that runs in front of our Fort Collins headquarters three times a year.

Forney has honored that commitment and rids of trash and waste alongside that stretch of road. Each time, there are several bags that are collected and disposed of. This gives us the change to bond with coworkers, keep our community clean and do a small part for the environment.  

Adopt a street

Bike To Work Day

June 26th, 2019 marked Fort Collins’ 32 annual Bike to Work Day. In the interest of health, sustainability and economic gain Coloradans joined together, vowing to leave their cars behind and take only two wheels to work. In fact, Colorado named June “Bike to Work Month”. To join the cause, Forney partnered with Platte River Power Authority and hosted a station along one of the popular biking trails. We handed out custom made T-shirts, coffee and breakfast burritos in support of this day.

To measure the number of participants, a website was constructed where you can register your company, sign up for a station, or vow to ride your bike to work that day. After June 26th ended, there were over 19,000 participants!

Next year this event will be held on June 24, and you can bet Forney will be there!

Bike to Work Day

Memorial Day Barbecue

Every year, Forney Industries hosts a fundraiser around Memorial Day. Forney staff grills hot dogs and hamburgers and invites neighboring business to join in exchange for a charitable donation. This year, all proceeds went to the Healing Warriors Program. With the help of some generous people, the 2019 fundraiser raised $1,400!

Grillers at the Memorial Day BBQ
Donation Station
Healing Warriors Program

School Supply Drive

Forney Industries has joined forces with Realities For Children for their annual Back to School Supply Drive. This organization aims to provide new backpacks, school supplies, restaurant & clothing gift cards to local children in need. The recipients of these goods have faced abuse, neglect, or are at-risk.

This year, Forney collected 3,116 items for local children in need!

School Supply Drive

Updated 12.15.20

Glove Donations

In 2020, Forney has donated several hundred pairs of gloves to organizations and non-profits all around Northern Colorado, and even as far as Africa! Below are the organizations that received gloves from Forney Industries:

  • The Gardens on Spring Creek
  • Larimer County Community Corrections
  • Homeward Alliance
  • Hope Haven Rwanda
  • Fort Collins Rescue Mission
  • The Ranch
Glove Donations

Response to COVID-19

Homeward Alliance, a shelter in Fort Collins, reached out to Forney for life-saving face shields. They were gifted several face shields and face masks and expressed their gratitude repeatedly. This donation greatly reduced the risk of a COVID-19 outbreak at their facility. Forney Industries also donated several face shields to fire departments in Larimer County to help stop the spread of the virus.

Winter Coat Drive

November 1-30, Forney Industries participated in a winter coat drive! All proceeds went to Fort Collins Rescue Mission, and it is our deepest hope that we’ve helped those less fortunate stay a little warmer this season!

Adopt-A-Family Christmas 2020

Forney Industries continued their tradition of sponsoring a family in need this holiday season. With the help of The Boys and Girls Club of Larimer County, our company was able to spread a little more cheer this year!

Forney Industries will continue to find ways to help our communities. Stayed tuned to our Instagram and Facebook pages to see more of community involvement activities.

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