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Forney Industries has grown exponentially since 1945, when salesmen would go door to door demonstrating welders and repairing machines. Slowly but confidently, Forney began diving into local hardware stores, automotive aftermarkets and farm and ranch suppliers.

Forney Industries will always appreciate the local hardware and farm & ranch stores, because if it weren’t for them, Forney wouldn’t be who they are today. Now, in 2019 Forney Industries has grown even larger, making its way into nation-wide markets like Home Depot, Tractor Supply and even Amazon. Ever since they have breached this market Forney continues to expand, especially within the Farm and Ranch market.

One of Forney’s newer opportunities has come from Tractor Supply. Tractor Supply now sells The Forney Easy Weld 100 ST and the Forney Easy Weld 140 MP both in stores and online, with select stores selling the Forney Easy weld 20 P and 140 MP. This partnership has expanded Forney’s national exposure and brand recognition.

Forney also sells a large quantity of their products on Amazon. This opportunity has allowed Forney to access an entirely new group of consumers. What’s more, Forney customers are now able to leave reviews on their products through Amazon. This way, other customers can see how Forney’s products stand apart from the competition. At this point, Forney has acquired strong reviews that can help influence buying decisions for everyone, not only Amazon shoppers.

Lastly, Forney now partners with Home This a market otherwise saturated with our competition such as Lincoln and Ryobi. With this exposure, Forney can compete with those brands and continue to impress customers with their excellent equipment and competitive prices.

Working with larger dealers has done some great things for Forney Industries. Erik Green, Key Account Executive for Online Sales at Forney Industries, adds, “expanding into these markets has raised brand awareness and increased revenues, in addition to diversifying our channels.”

Forney hopes to continue partnerships with nation-wide markets, in addition to caring for the smaller dealers they owe their success to today. Click here to learn more about Forney Industries, and to shop our projects!