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Get started with the Forney Easy Weld 140 FC-i! This is a breakdown of the Quick Start Guide that is included with your new machine.

Forney Easy Weld 140 FC-i Machine


1. Read User Manual Icon Read User Manual

2. Install wire spool

a. 0.030” (0.8mm) diameter

Wire Spool Diagrams

3. Set drive roll

a. Face the side marked 0.030” away from the machine

Face side away from the machine

4. Feed wire and set pressure

a. For proper tension align the tops of the screw and nut together

Correct and Wrong Examples

5. Connect to Input Power Input Power Symbol

a. Generator OK with continuous output ≥ 4,000 W

b. Extension cord: #12 AWG or larger; 25’ (8m) or shorter

120VAC, 20A outlet, 30A breaker recommended

6. Remove consumables and depress trigger until wire comes out. Replace consumables.

replacing consumables

7. Adjust wire feed speed (wire feed speed symbol) and voltage (voltage symbol). See chart on welder for correct settings.

FC-i knobs

8. With contact tip 1/4″ from metal, depress trigger completely to initiate arc.

MIG trigger

MIG Troubleshooting Tips

Both LED lights off

  • Verify machine is plugged in and on. See manual.
LED lights off

Both LED lights on

  • Duty cycle exceeded or insufficient air flow. Allow machine to cool. Ensure vents are clear of obstacles. See manual.
LED lights on

Aluminum welding

  •  Welding aluminum requires shielding gas. This machine is only for gas-less flux-cored welding.
  • This machine cannot connect to a spool gun, which is recommended for aluminum.
Aluminum welding not recommended

Workpiece grounding

  • Connect ground clamp to clean, bare metal. No rust, paint or other coatings. Attach the ground clamp directly to the work piece if you are experiencing issues.
Ground and clamp

Frequently tripping circuit breaker or exceeding duty cycle

  • Zero Use wire with a diameter of 0.030” (0.8mm).  Larger diameters draw too much amperage.
  • Material thickness symbol Trying to weld single pass on material larger than ¼” (6mm) thick is not possible with this machine. Multi-pass recommended for thicker materials.
  • Welder symbol Welder should be the only thing plugged into the circuit.

Low weld output or poor fusion

  • Usually due to low input power.
  • Welder should be only thing plugged into circuit.
  • Avoid using extension cords. If one must be used, it must be #12 AWG or larger; 25’ (8m) or shorter.
  • Generators must be 4,000 W continuous output and not have a low-idle function (or have it disabled).

Improper wire spool installation

  • Can cause feed issues and inconsistent weld quality.
  • Verify all parts are in the proper place. Refer to manual.
8 Inch (200mm) wire spool
4 Inch (100mm) wire spool

Too much spool tension

  • Wire from spool to drive should relax with a slight curve after feeding.
Correct- Wrong Examples

Incorrect drive roll pressure

  • Too little pressure = Roll can slip and feed can be erratic
  • Too much pressure = can crush wire, causing wire feeding problems and welder damage
Knob set ~2-3 marks

No arc start on contact

  • Trigger must be pulled to initiate the arc. This will initiate the arc and begin feeding the wire.
MIG trigger

Mismatched drive roll, liner, or contact tip size

  • Can cause feed and weld issues and arc instability.
  • Each component must be sized for wire diameter used.
Correct drive roll, liner, and contact tip size
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