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Get started with the Forney 700 P Plasma Cutter! This is a breakdown of the Quick Start Guide that is included with your new machine.


1. Read User Manual Icon To prevent serious injury, read manual warnings and instructions before use.

2. Use dedicated electrical circuit and quality compressor with moisture and dirt filter. (Compressor performance can directly affect plasma cutting performance).

a. Optimal Pressure = 65 PSI

b. Optimal Flow = 3.5 cu ft/min

Dedicated 120V electrical circuit

3. Use a piece of scrap sheet metal and perform a test cut.

Test Cut
Clean Cut

4. Make sure your tip stays in contact with the work piece.

Tip staying in contact with work piece
Tip staying in contact with work piece while trigger is pulled

5. Replace electrode or tip when damaged or if they show excessive wear.

Damaged electrode and tip
New electrode and tip

Cutting Tips

Contact cutting

  • Drag torch while holding at a 15-30° angle.
15-30° angle

Cutting Capability

  • Stay within cutting limits of the machine.
Cutting Capability Limits- 1/2"-3/4"

Cutting Guide

  • Use a metal straight edge to control cuts.
Using a metal straight edge to control cuts

Remove Moisture

  • Built in moisture trap extends tip life, and needs to be drained periodically.
Warning sign

Warning: To prevent fire and serious injury: Keep torch and wire clear of grounded objects while welder is plugged in. Be sure to follow safe welding procedures and wear proper PPE (clothes, welding helmet, safety glasses, welding gloves, boots, etc.)

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