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Stick and TIG Welding For All: 

The Forney 180 ST+ Stick/TIG welder combines reliability, versatility, and lightweight design all in one machine. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast, working on farm & ranch projects, performing maintenance & repairs, or even a welding contractor, this welder can tackle it all.

Product Specifications: 

  • DC Stick (SMAW)
  • Pulsed DC Stick (SMAW)
  • Pulsed DC TIG (GTAW)
For Use On:
  • Mild Steel
  • Sheet Metal
  • Stainless Steel
Output Amperage Range: 
  • 120V – 10 – 80A
  • 240V – 10 – 180A
  • Dual-Voltage: Provides the operator flexibility for where their machine can be used
  • Built Strong: Constructed with an all-metal case, built strong to take on the day to day
  • Pulse Welding: Enables welding on thin materials and out of position
  • Simple and Easy to Use Controls: Saves time and energy setting up each weld
Input Power:
  • 120V – 50/60Hz
  • 240V – 50-60Hz
Included Accessories: 
Welding Capacity: 
  • 120V – 1/4” Mild Steel
  • 240V – 3/8” Mild Steel
Recommended Accessories and Consumables:

With its ability to perform DC Stick, Pulsed DC Stick, DC TIG, and Pulse DC TIG processes, this welder offers a broad spectrum of welding capabilities. The 180 ST+ also has dual-voltage compatibility at 120V and 240V to ensure you can operate in a variety of environments.

One of the standout features of the Forney 180 ST+ welder is its lightweight design. Weighing in at a mere 11.9 pounds, its incredibly portable. Whether you’re a professional welder on the go or a DIY enthusiast working on various projects around the house, the lightweight design ensures you can take it anywhere with ease.

Welding a fence with the Forney 180 ST+ Stick/TIG welder

The Forney 180 ST+ welder excels in unpredictable work environments where a stable power supply isn’t guaranteed. It can maintain a consistent and high-quality arc performance, even when connected to a power generator. This capability is a game-changer for welders, just like the machine’s built-in hot start.

The built-in hot start simplifies arc initiation by ensuring a smooth and consistent start. This is beneficial not only for beginners but also for anyone seeking an easy and trouble-free welding experience, eliminating the frustration of inconsistent arcs.

Forney 180 ST+ Welder Close Up Stick Welding On a Railing

The Forney 180 ST+ welder has a maximum output of 180A. This power enables you to weld materials up to 3/8” thick, making it a reliable choice for a broad spectrum of welding tasks.

With its numerous features and efficiencies, the Forney 180 ST+ exemplifies Forney Industries’ unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. To guarantee this, Forney provides Expert-Tech™ Services, staffed by their team of experienced welding technicians who are ready to aid customers with welding-related matters.

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