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Looking for a quick and easy metalworking project?

Look no further.

This step-by-step guide will help you create a boot rack that is simple, inexpensive and sure to impress.



STEP 1: 

Take 6 horseshoes and lay them side by side on a welding-safe surface.

PRO TIP: Use the end of your table or a long ruler to ensure the horseshoes are lined up nice and straight. 

STEP 2: 

Using your Forney welder, tack weld each horseshoe together to keep them in place.

STEP 3: 

To make the two support edges, set the 6 welded horseshoes to the side and grab 3 additional horseshoes. Line up each horseshoe so that they are all touching at the base. 

Once each horseshoe is lined up, tack weld them together.

STEP 4: 

Repeat Step 3 using the final three horseshoes to create the other support edge.

STEP 5: 

Now that you’ve got everything tacked together, check the strength of your tack welds and lay down more beads if extra strength is needed.PRO TIP: Remove extra BB’s or spatter with a flap disc or chipping hammer for a more appealing look.


Now it’s time to weld on the support edges. Line up your first edge on one end of the base at a 90-degree angle. We suggest using a magnet, but eyeballing is fine too!


Once everything is lined up appropriately, tack weld the support edge to the base.

STEP 8: 

Repeat Step 7 with the opposite support edge.


Now it’s time for the support beam! Measure the distance from one edge to the other, and mark your round bar.

STEP 10:

After your steel round bar is measured, cut it to size.PRO TIP: Before welding on the support beam, use a pair of boots as a reference point. This will make sure the rack will comfortably fit your shoes!

STEP 11:

Tack weld the round bar on each side. If everything lines up, lay down more beads for extra strength.

That’s all there is to it! Customize your project by giving it a fresh coat of paint, or leave it as is.
Now you have an awesome handmade boot rack that you can use for years to come!

Watch the full step-by-step video below! 

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