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Tight corners? No sweat. Curved edge flap discs are ideal for grinding in corners and tight spaces where standard discs won’t work. These discs will grind inside pipes and flanges, and can be used on all standard applications.

The 90-degree edge is flexible and adapts to the work piece geometry for more effective grinding and even wear. They’re ideal for mild steel, high-strength steel, hardened steel and stainless steel. These discs will perform best with only light to moderate grinding pressure. For example, when grinding a horizontal surface, use the weight of the grinder and avoid forcing the grinder into the work piece. Too much grinding pressure will reduce the disc life and also reduce grinding performance.

There are 3 curved edge flap discs to choose from. ITEM# 71940 is a 40 grit for a coarse finish. ITEM# 71941 is a 60 grit for a coarse to medium finish and ITEM# 71942 is an 80 grit for a medium to fine finish. 


  • Arbor: 7/8”
  • Wheel Type: Type 27
  • Max RPM: 13,300
  • Tool Type: Right Angle Grinder

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This post was originally published January 26, 2018.