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Looking for an extra spooky DIY project this year? Check out these step-by-step instructions and create your very own propane tank pumpkins! 

Step One: Find an old propane tank. 

Once you’ve acquired a propane tank, make certain you purge the tank of all flammable gasses. We recommend finding a tank that has been unused for a long period of time. Wash the tank with soap and water a few times to ensure there are no flammable gasses left over. 

Step Two: Pick out a face design for your jack-o-lantern. 

We suggest checking out Forney’s Pinterest page for more inspiration! 

Step Three: Trace your design on to the propane tanks with a permanent marker or soapstone

Pro Tip: If your propane tank has rust or paint on it, you may need to grind it off to ensure you get a good ground with your ground clamp

Step Four: Using your plasma cutter, begin cutting out your design.

If the pieces don’t come out easily, use a chipping hammer to help knock them loose. 

Pro Tip: If your pieces still won’t come out after using your chipping hammer, your cut may not have penetrated all the way through. 

Step Five: Cut a hole in the top so you can add a candle or firewood to light up your jack-o-lantern! 

Optional Step: Paint the tank to give your jack-o-lantern even more character! 

Looking to decorate for another holiday? Try using the same steps with different designs! 

Courtesy of Pinterest


Courtesy of Pinterest

That’s it! Enjoy your spoooooky new decoration for years to come! 

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