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This homemade ghost will be the talk of the neighborhood come October 31st.

Are you looking for unique Halloween decor to spice up your yard? Well if so, Forney Industries has simple step by step instructions to give your lawn the spooky touch it deserves.

Tools and Materials:

Project Prep:

Always remember to practice safe metalworking habits by wearing the proper personal protective equipment. A fire-resistant welding jacket (or apron and sleeves), welding gloves, safety glasses and a welding helmet ensures protection from dangerous arc flashes and sparks.

Step By Step Assembly:

Step 1:

To begin, take your sheet metal and silver lead pencil and draw or trace your design. We chose to do a ghost, but the design of the decoration is completely up to you. 

Drawing an Outline

Step 2: Using your Forney 325 P Plasma Cutter, cut out your pattern. 

Cutting Out Design

 Step 3: Using your angle grinder, grind down and smooth out the rough-cut edges. This will make your decoration look clean and professional.

Smoothing Rough-Cut Edges

Step 4: Take your support rod and begin welding it to the pattern using your Forney 140 MIG Welder.

Welding Support Rod

Step 5: It’s your choice to either complete your project by painting it, or leave it as is!

Finished Spooky Lawn Decoration

Now your lawn is the spookiest in all the land! The only thing left to do is buy extra candy for those bonus trick-or-treaters.            

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