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If you have all the welding gear but no cart to stow it on, you’ve come to the right place. Joe Mooney from Homesteadonomics ran into the same problem after he got his new Forney 190 MP welder. Follow these step by step instructions and you can create your very own three shelf welding cart.

Tools and Materials

Project Prep

Always remember to practice safe metalworking habits by wearing the proper personal protective equipment. A fire-resistant welding jacket or apron and sleeves, welding glovessafety glasses and a welding helmet are vital to protect yourself against dangerous arc flashes and sparks.

Step By Step Assembly

Begin by tacking together the lower shelf. This shelf will eventually hold the wheels and the uprights that will hold the upper two shelves.

tack together the lower shelf

Using tack welds and your magnets, begin forming the skeleton of the cart. Use the magnets to hold up the second and third shelves, and tack them in. 

use tack welds and magnets and begin forming the skeleton of the cart

Create a diagonal support from recessed metal. This diagonal support can serve two main purposes: to give the cart stability and support, and making it look super cool.

*Here Joe used tubing, but you can also use flat scrap pieces or a gusset triangle!

create a diagonal support for the cart

Next, from the same recessed metal create and tack weld cross supports for the shelves. This step is to ensure you can put sheet metal on the shelves.

create tack weld cross supports for the shelves

After you finish the mainframe, you can begin creating a tool box out of galvanized steel for the second shelf of the cart. This box can also act as a drawer.

*It is not generally recommended to weld with galvanized metal due to the toxic fumes it releases. Joe suggests using regular sheet steel and paint it later.

create a tool box out of galvanized steel

Now, grab your expanded metal and begin creating the bottom of drawer/tool box. You will be adding wheels to make it a sliding option.

use expanded metal for the bottom of your drawer/tool box

Now, attach the bigger wheels to the back end of your cart to make it mobile. 

attach the bigger wheels to the back of your cart so it can move with you

Next, add the smaller wheels to the front end of your cart. With two sets of wheels your cart and your machines can travel with ease.

now attach the smaller wheels to the front end of your cart

For your final touch-ups, add sheet metal to the top and bottom shelves of the cart for a more refined look.

add sheet metal to the bottom shelf of the cart to refine the look
add sheet metal to the top shelf of the cart to refine the look

If you want to get really fancy, you can add fun and functional features to your cart such as a hook for a welding helmet or clamps, a milk crate for extra storage, or a bottle bracket for your gas tank.

you can add a hook for your welding helmet
its your choice to add functional features
you can add a milk cart to the bottom for extra storage that you can remove
you could add an attachment for your gas tank

Now step back and take a gander at the great addition to your tool bench!

For a step by step video of this project courtesy of Joe Mooney visit the Homesteadonomics YouTube page.

For more step by step tutorials and videos visit

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