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Forney understands how important it is for your life to stay charged. That’s why they’ve rounded out a line of battery chargers that are sure to put life back into your batteries. Check out the details below and learn about Forney’s Wheeled Battery Charger

Wheeled Battery Charger


Wheeled Battery Charger

Charges both 6-volt and/or 12-volt batteries

Four types of charging capabilities:

  • 2 amp trickle charge
  • 10 amp continuous charge
  • 40 amp fast charge
  • 200 amp engine start (12-volt only)

Using the 200 amp emergency start setting is powerful enough to bring cars, large SUV’s and small trucks back    to life

An updated panel control with easy to read button controls

Thick insulated cables with spark protection 

Heavy-duty parrot style clamps 

An indicator on the control panel identifies if the battery has reached sulfation

Actively measures a battery’s voltage and amperage output

Can adjust charging modes to the state of the battery;

  • Automatic detection to recondition or desulfate your battery when it is deeply discharged
  • “Maintenance” mode to safely maintain a 100% state of charge
  • Cooling timer that automatically shuts off and restarts the battery charger if it overheats
  • Reverse polarity, spark proof, and overcharge detection 

A thermal overload sensor and cooling fan that provides reliability and a longer life for the machine

Telescoping handles with ergonomic padding

Rubber wheels to withstand rugged environments

Wrap cleats for easy cable storage and trip/fall protection

ITEM# 52755

For more information about this battery charger, check out the videos below:

To learn more about this battery charger, and the rest of the battery chargers in this line visit or call Forney’s customer service at 1-800-521-6038.

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