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Attention all beginner welders, this series of welding helmets was made for you.

The Forney Easy Weld auto-darkening welding helmets are the ideal choice for novice welders. They feature easy to use controls with simple formatting, so you can fine tune your settings with the flip of a switch. The user-friendly nature of these helmets gives you the confidence you need to begin welding, without the fear of arc flash. The shell is impact-resistant and fireproof, protecting you from hazardous accidents. These functional helmets are the perfect way to protect yourself at an affordable price!

Black Matte Helmet
Black Matte 
ITEM# 55731
Velocity Helmet

ITEM# 55732

Here are some great features of the Forney Easy Weld helmets;

Auto-Darkening Filter (ADF) Features:

  • High grade, heat-resistant material 
  • Easy to operate switch functions (delay, grind, sensitivity) 
  • Two optical arc sensors to protect against against arc flash
  • 5.97 sq. in. (3-3/5″ x 1-7/11″) view
  • 1/1/1/2 optical clarity rating 
  • Din 9-13 variable shade selections
  • 1/25,000 per second switching speed 
  • Cheater/magnifying lens compatible  

Shell and Headgear Features:

  • Lightweight
  • 5-point angle adjustment for easy modification 
  • Impact resistant and fireproof nylon shell 
  • Angle and horizontal adjustments
  • Standard removable sweatband
  • Contoured profile design naturally directs fumes away

Lens & Lens Controls

Outer Lens Inner Lens
Outer LensInner Lens
Lens Control Image
Location of Switch Controls

Striking an arc
Forney Easy Weld Lens


Headgear Diagram

Technical Information

Technical Specifications

Feature Forney Easy Weld®
Viewing Area 5.97 sq. in. (3-3/5″ x 1-7/11″), (92 mm x 42 mm)
Variable Shade Selection DIN 9-13
Shade Selector External shade selector knob
Grind Mode Internal switch
Number of Arc Sensors 2
Optical Clarity Rating 1/1/1/2
High Definition Clarity No
Shell 15.24 oz., impact resistant, fireproof
Sensitivity Control Adjustment Low-high, internal switch
Delay Control Adjustment Min-max, internal switch
Delay Time 0/15S ~ 0.0705S
Switching Speed 1/25,000 per second
Low TIG AMPS Rated 5 AMP
Power Supply Li-Mn battery (non-replaceable) & solar combination
Automatic On/Off Yes
Meets Standards All related CE standards (DIN and ISO) and EN166, EN175, EN379 and ANSI Z87.1 safety standards
Magnifier Lens Compatible Yes
Headgear Standard

Accessories and Replacement Parts

Forney Easy Weld®

ITEM# Description
55759 2-Pack Outer Protective Lens
55761 5-Pack Outer Protective Lens
55760 2-Pack Inner Protective Lens
55762 5-Pack (2 Inner Lenses & 3 Outer Lenses)
55785 Replacement Ratchet Headgear

Universal Replacement Parts

ITEM# Description
55767 1.0 Diopter Magnifying Lens
55768 1.5 Diopter Magnifying Lens
55769 2.0 Diopter Magnifying Lens
55770 2.5 Diopter Magnifying Lens 

Want more information? Check out the videos below!

Helmet Details and Specifications 

Through the Lens Comparison 

Headgear Overview

Forney Industries auto-darkening welding helmets meet all related CE standards (DIN and ISO) and EN166, EN175, EN379 and ANSI Z87.1 safety standards. 

For more information about these welding helmets, visit, or call our customer service team at 1-800-521-6038.

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