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The holidays are here!

The 2023 Holiday Gift Guide has all the best suggestions to spoil the metalworkers in your life. It’s time to give the gift of Forney this holiday season!

This year, Forney introduced a range of new and enhanced products catering to every category and skill level of metalworker. Browse some of the most eagerly awaited Forney products of the year below!

1. Auto-Darkening

Welding Helmets (ADF)

Discover Forney Industries’ latest ADF helmets with brand-new custom designs! These helmets offer user-friendly technology, dependability, and great value, incorporating a range of features suitable for metalworkers at every skill level. Secure the gift of welding safety by acquiring the Lightning, Camo, and the Green Smoking Rose!

Forney Easy Weld Camo ADF Welding Helmet
Forney Green Lightning ADF Welding Helmet

2. Forney Angle

Grinder 4-1/2”

The Forney Angle Grinder 4-1/2” is versatile, with its multi-position handle, quick guard adjustments, and a lightweight design, providing users with enhanced control and comfort during various tasks. With a 5/8-11” spindle, portable design, and built-in safety switch, this grinder is a practical and reliable choice for both DIY enthusiasts and professionals seeking efficiency and convenience in grinding and cutting applications.

Forney Angle Grinder 4'1/2"

3. Forney Abrasives

Forney abrasives are just what you need to get your metalworking projects done. Forney offers a wide variety of abrasives, such as flap, cutting, and grinding discs. These abrasives ensure precise and efficient material removal.

Forney Angle Grinder 4'1/2"

4. Forney Flex™ 30 Plasma ST

The NEW Forney Flex™ 30 Plasma ST is your one stop shop metalworking solution. This machine can weld and cut up to 3/8” thick. With built-in hot start technology for an easy strike, dual-voltage capabilities (120V and 240V), and the ability to switch between welding and plasma arc cutting, this compact machine offers a powerful and convenient tool for a range of tasks.

Forney Flex™ 30 Plasma ST stick welding

5. Forney 180 ST+

Stick/TIG Welder

The Forney 180 ST+ Stick/TIG Welder emerges as a portable powerhouse with its lightweight construction, weighing only 11.9 pounds, ensuring effortless mobility for welding tasks on the go. Its generator-friendly feature guarantees a stable arc, even when powered by a generator, providing reliability in various work settings. With a robust 180A power output, the Forney 180 ST+ empowers users to weld up to 3/8″, making it an ideal choice for a range of welding applications.

Forney 180 ST+ stick welding a railing

6. Forney 190 MP

Multi-Process Welder

The Forney 190 MP Multi-Process Welder is a versatile powerhouse capable of MIG, Flux-Core, DC Stick, and DC TIG welding capabilities, providing flexibility for various welding applications. With TruSet™ MIG, optimal weld settings are automatically configured based on your work setup. Its metal drive system ensures consistent wire feeding for a wide range of wires. The accessory auto-detect feature automatically senses the spool gun when connected, eliminating the need for manual switches. The 190 MP can weld up to 1/4” (120V) and 3/8” (240V).

Forney 190 MP Multi-Process Welder welding an address sign

7. Forney 45 P PRO

Plasma Cutter

The Forney 45 P PRO Plasma Cutter is your cutting solution. Equipped with the Forney® Ignite™ Torch utilizing drag torch technology, it promises reliable arc starts and increased cutting duration for all skill levels. Activate the expanded metal mode for an automatic pilot arc when needed or maintain a constant full power cutting arc by turning it off. With a 40-foot operating envelope (expandable to 50 feet), intuitive controls, and large control knobs, this machine maximizes cutting productivity while reducing grinding time.

Forney 45 P PRO plasma cutting

8. Forney Gloves

Gift the practicality of protection with Forney gloves, a thoughtful choice for anyone working with tools or engaged in DIY projects. These gloves provide not only durability but also comfort, ensuring your loved ones can work with ease and safeguard their hands during various tasks. They come in sizes medium to extra-large.

Lined Premium Pigskin Leather Palm Gloves

Happy holidays from all of us at Forney!