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Here are a couple of common issues:

  • Electrode choice:  We recommend the Forney E6013 & E7014. The Forney brand performs very well even up to a 1/8” electrode.  Other brands of electrodes often require more amperage.  Some types of electrodes like E6010 and E7018 also require higher amperage and may not be the best choice for the Forney Easy Weld 100 ST.  An E6011 can also be used.  Some electrodes and brands will be limited to the 3/32” diameter because of their amperage requirements.
  • Use of extension cords:  If you need to use an extension cord, we recommend a 10 gauge cord, no longer than 50 ft. or a 12 gauge at 25 ft.  A small gauge extension cord like 14 or 16 gauge will choke the incoming power and reduce your power output which will create frustration.
  • The ground is attached to painted or coated metal.