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Forney ITEM #318 (190 MIG Welder) and ITEM# 311 (210 MIG Welder) both have a six tap position for voltage adjustment and infinite control over wire feed speed (WFS) which is also related to amperage. If you think of the voltage tap settings as 1/16″ thickness increments, this will help a lot.

Tap Setting related to Material Thickness that can be welded in a single pass:

  • Tap 1 = 1/16″ Material Thickness
  • Tap 2 = 2/16″ (1/8″)
  • Tap 3 = 3/16″
  • Tap 4 = 4/16″ (1/4″)
  • Tap 5 = 5/16″
  • Tap 6 = 6/16″ (3/8″)

The key to using a tapped machine is to first select the appropriate tap setting for material thickness and then vary the WFS which also affects amperage to dial in the optimum arc characteristics. Once you use this approach, you can dial in an arc very quickly.

Both the 190 MIG and 210 MIG can weld anything from thin sheet up to 3/8″ in a single pass. Thicker plate thicknesses can be welded with multiple passes.