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Refurbished Welders and Plasma Cutters

Hand-Tested by Experts

Forney Industries goes through a rigorous process to ensure our refurbished machines meet the same standards as new machines.  We begin by checking all areas thoroughly, including the casing, internal electrical and mechanical components.  Each function is hand tested by a certified service technician and guaranteed upon resell. These machines carry our standard Forney warranty and include all accessories and consumables included in our new machines.  Limited supply available.

Certified service technicians at Forney put machines qualified for the refurbishing process through a rigorous testing and cleaning process:

  • Refurbished units may include: light/small dents/scratches
  • Refurbished units will not include: units used heavily, have major body or component damage
  • Confirm that all settings perform to specifications. If not, replace any damaged components with new factory components
  • Blow out internal components with air compressor
  • Clean exterior and interior cabinet
  • Ensure all refurbished units come with the same components as a new-in-box machine (torch wraps, leads, ground clamps, etc.)
  • Refurbished unit is re-serialized & re-boxed
  • Give them a new home!

Forney 5/3/1 Warranty

Forney Welder and Plasma Machines


Original main power rectifiers only to include SCRs, diodes and discrete rectifier modules, transformers, stabilizers, and reactors.


Drive Systems, PC Boards, Motors, and Switches and Controls.


Relays, contactors, regulators and accessories.


MIG guns and plasma torches.