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Forney’s history is so rich and extensive that from time to time we hear stories from customers about our old machines. Recently, we received a story from a man named Dave, and we had to know more.  

Dave told us that they own a farm located in Fairmount, North Dakota in the extreme southeast corner of the state. He was about 8 years old when he witnessed a salesman climb all the way up a telephone pole to demonstrate a revolutionary new welder. 

Old Size- C Welder Closeup

“When I was a kid a salesman came to our farm, climbed the power pole, hooked it up and demoed it. My father bought it. It stayed hooked to the pole until fall when the REA wired it into our shed. It has been through a 3′ deep flood and a tornado that threw it across the yard. It still works today. I have it in my “retirement” shop on the same farmstead,” Dave explained. 

Dave recounted that he couldn’t wait until he could use the welder, and he gradually taught himself how to weld by reading a mechanics encyclopedia and practicing on scrap metal. The first thing Dave built for himself was a go-cart. He then preceded to follow in his father’s footsteps, and used the welder for automotive and farm repairs. In fact, Dave continues to use this old Size C welder today. He claims, “I use it quite often, my next project is a grapple for my loader.” 

Since 1932, Forney Industries has developed products to satisfy all levels of metalworkers. In just thirteen years, Forney’s staff had grown exponentially. Some were so determined to sell machines that they began climbing utility poles to connect welders for demonstrations. When the salesmen would host these demonstrations, Farmers and other metalworkers were astounded by the advanced technological capabilities these machines encompassed that they ended up purchasing one for themselves. Seeing salesmen climb up utilities poles just to make a sale was so unusual and fascinating that many people, like Dave, still remember those demonstrations today. 

Old Size- C Welder Information

Update: April 15th, 2021

After some sanding and new paint, Dave has the old welder working again, and looking good as new! Check it out below; 

Thanks for your story, Dave! We love to hear how our Forney machines fit into family memories. For more information on our old machines check out this blog

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