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Machines with intention.

In 2018, Forney Industries’ talented team of engineers noticed a large gap in the welding market, one that lacked user-friendly and portable machines for beginners, and even professionals, at a reasonable price. Thanks to this gap in the market, the Forney Easy Weld line was born!

While engineering this line, the main focus of Forney engineers was to develop a variety of machines that were easy-to-use, however, the main intention behind Forney Easy Weld machines was to make welding a less daunting skill to learn; driving home Forney’s belief that anyone can weld with the right tools. Jason Mahugh, Director of Engineering and Technical Services for Forney Industries explains, “We wanted to take the fear out of welding and show that it’s not intimidating or expensive. We believe the Forney Easy Weld line of machines does just that.”

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These machines are great for a wide variety of metalworkers. Check out the breakdown of applications and uses below.

Farm and Ranch

One defining feature of each Forney Easy Weld machine is that they’re incredibly lightweight. The heaviest machine in the line is only 24 lbs., making each unit portable enough to carry from job site to job site. This eliminates the need to purchase additional equipment to transport the machine.

Automotive Fabrication

These machines feature several intuitive features perfect for automotive fabrication. Fabricators are especially fond of the Forney Easy Weld 20 P plasma cutter, as the drag torch technology makes cutting through sheet metal effortless and precise.

DIY (Do-it-Yourself) Projects

The Forney Easy Weld line of machines makes DIY projects a breeze. Create unique gifts, decorations, or even your own smoker!  The following are just a few DIY projects created with Forney Easy Weld machines.

Wood Burning Smoker

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Propane Tank Jack-O-Lanterns

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Garden Trellis

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Hobbies and Metal Art


Forney Industries has been a leader in the welding market since 1932. In almost 90 years of operation, they now offer thousands of metalworking equipment and accessories that cater to every level of metalworking. To learn more about Forney Industries, visit